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Regrinding and refacing service

We offer regrinding and refacing services for practically all tools made of HSS, carbide, PCD, PCBN or natural diamond t hat are used for metal machining.

These services range from simple standard products to the most complex special tools, e.g.:

+ Shaped tools, also in PCD/PCBN
+ Broaching tools
+ Milling cutters
+ Countersinks
+ Drills
+ Indexable inserts
+ Hole punches
+ Ejector pins
+ etc.

In our facilities we are also able to carry out the following operations on a wagework basis:

+ Wire eroding
+ Die sinking EDM
+ Milling
+ NC-lathe
+ Centerless cylindrical grinding ( until 2500mm )
+ Regrinding of PCD/PCBN tools

We provide:

+ Quality through precision
+ Outstanding surface quality
+ Latest technologies
+ CAD supported construction
+ Modern machine pool
+ Precise measurement methods
+ Meticulous final inspection
+ Problem solutions
+ Flexibility
+ On-time delivery

and a team of highly qualified employee